Govt. Health Document app

Project Overview

File Sharing for Medical Professionals and the Citizen. Ideation for Gaia-X project HEALTH-X dataLOFT that will use linked data infrastructure to carry out various clinical and medical case studies.

  • RoleUX/UI designer
  • @polypoly GmbH
Key Takeaways
  1. Ideation phase so we are working out of assumptions.

  2. Created initial uses cases on which we will based initial development.

Our users

German residents with an electronic ID card over the age of 15.


Medical images are an important basis for decisions on the treatment of patients with illnesses or accidents. In many situations, a patient needs to be able to transport images in a digital way, to consult another doctor for a second opinion or to another location for treatment. If this is not enabled, patient examinations need to be repeated (avoidable costs, avoidable radi-ation exposure).
Today, the digital exchange of medical images is complex, costly and in many cases not even possible. Access to medical images for treating physicians is often difficult, particularly for images acquired in different hospitals or locations. Also, for the patients themselves, the access to their medical images is difficult, regardless of their location.

Next steps

Hackathon to develop ideation UI into an app. The app will be the basis for unmoderated, in person, explorative user testing.


  1. from confluence
    to diagram and create low fidelity wireframes


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