Project Overview

Mazzucchelli is a family owned italian cellulose acetate manufacturer. The material is used to supply ±90% of the glasses manufacturers worldwide. The website was initially used as a catalog for their clients and for internal use. I have converted the shopify based into an e-commerce and added different functionalities such as a customisable homepage and a configurator. More on the process below

Key Takeaways
  1. Converted their Shopify Catalog website to a full e-commerce.

  2. Designed and coded a configurator for their clients which alievated work on the company.

  3. My professional service has made them trust me for the past 3 years for any problem they might have.

On top of being on call for any of their future projects, I have been a consultant for them on all digital aspects. The project I am most proud of is the configurator created to help users try out patterns with their own designs.

As all projects, we started off by identifying their needs and the needs of their clients. Out of that session it came apparent that they needed to relieve pressure on their commercials and design team and find a way for their clients to mock up their glasses with Mazzucchellis' material.

The configurator was not made in one go. I desgined the main layout and features, after some feedback loops with users, overtime it gained features that added value to their experience. Such as "upload your own design" which allows users to test out their designs or the "download PDF" which aloows users to then share these designs to others in their companies.

Overall the configurator helps final clients reduce the time they need to mock up designs and it helps Mazzucchelli free up time to their employees for other important tasks.

Configurator interaction
Sketch wireframes with documented functionalities and prototyping to share with the client.


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