Intesa Sanpaolo

Project Overview

Home banking redesign (responsive Web + iOS + Android apps) for Intesa Sanpaolo owned banks in Eastern Europe (Croatia, Albania and Hungary) and Egypt.

  • Role UX designer
  • Client Intesa Sanpaolo
  • Agency Bitmama
Key Takeaways
  1. Created an Admin Portal for bank managers that allowed them to more efficiently target their clients.

  2. Thorough research was performed with input from all involved stakeholders to produce designs.

  3. Constant collaboration with developers to ensure the outcome meets expectations.

The activity consisted in designing wireframes of 20+ banking core functionalities with a focus on innovation. The goal was to provide a seamless experience through all devices responding to their specific features, such as native UI guidelines or responsive web logics.

Some of my tasks comprise research on best practices, creating user flows and wireframes, and doing UAT testing. Moreover I closely work with bank managers in Eastern European and Egyptian banks from the Intesa Sanpaolo group and their development team.

In collaboration with bank managers and analysts, I was in charge of creating a tool to make and manage campaigns. In this case our end users and consumers were bank employees.

The existing tool was very limited and did not respond to the basic need of the bank employees. After further research and gathering feedback from employees, we established that they needed a tool that would allow them to not only create and manage campaigns, but a tool where they could target where and to whom the campaign would be shown too.

I also designed a tool for bank employees to receive feedback from their users on the online and offline banking experience which complemented their need of having direct feedback from their user to ensure a better banking experience.

Mobile banking App User flow (blurred to protect confidentiality)
Bank Manager Onboarding User flow (blurred to protect confidentiality)


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